Collective Power 2023

Join us at our annual conference!

Collective Power for Reproductive Justice invites you to participate in our annual conference


April 14-15

Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

Collective Power 2023 will challenge and resist the rising fascism and white supremacy we are experiencing. The Far Right is attempting to narrow our civil liberties in the US: abortion restrictions, heightened barriers to trans health, book bans in schools and libraries, voter suppression, sterilization abuse of immigrants in ICE detention, and new laws criminalizing protest. These restraints are coupled with increased policing, surveillance, violence, and detainment. 

April 14-15, 2023 Hampshire College, Amherst, MA

We recognize that these anti-trans, anti-abortion, anti-immigrant, and anti-critical race theory attacks from the Far Right are interconnected. They harm those most vulnerable to systemic oppression: immigrants, BIPOC, trans and queer communities, abortion providers, and pregnant people. Together, they reveal an all-out attack on bodily autonomy, democracy, and rights. 

Collective Power 2023 will revisit themes and strategy recommendations from our report on the April 9, 2022 convening with an expanded group, centering those most impacted, as well as new and emerging leaders in the reproductive justice movement. For a fuller understanding of our politics please review our report here: Reproductive Justice Confronts Fascism. We have shared it widely and encourage individuals from across the movement to read and share it with their communities. 

Together we must strengthen our solidarities. We trust that those most impacted by these injustices can illuminate pathways of collective resistance. We invite you to participate in a two-day convening that is a call to action.  

DAY 1 – April 14, 2023

We are inviting you to participate in a forum for up to 100 advocates and activists from across the movement to share experiences resisting white supremacy and the Far Right. You do not have to prepare a formal presentation. We encourage you to come with brief notes on your experiences organizing and working against reproductive injustice in our current political climate. The conversation will be facilitated and will allow participants to share strategies and build a better understanding of how we can work together across the movement. We will bring our learning from the forum into Day 2. Please indicate on the form below if you are accepting our invitation to be part of this forum.

DAY 2 – April 15, 2023

We also invite you to speak at the public conference, open to the community via pre-registration. We welcome you to share about your work and the issues that are impacting you and your communities through workshops, panels, roundtables, or strategic action sessions by filling out a proposal form below. Please know that not all proposals can be selected for the Day 2 program as we are navigating time and space constraints. As we build the program we may invite you to present on your work even if you do not formally submit a proposal. We value your presence and voice in this space and hope you will still join us on Saturday regardless if you’re slated to present.

Invitation and Workshop Proposals

In past years, activists and advocates have held space during the conference for conversation about many urgent topics, including transformative justice, abolition, abortion rights, contraception access, human rights, social justice, racial justice, immigrant rights, economic justice, LGBTQIA2S+ rights, youth advocacy, sex worker rights, environmental justice, disability justice, and more.