Collective People Power

Aisha Mahama-Rodriguez

Organizational Affiliation

Collective Power for Reproductive Justice


Collective Rising Fellow (Southwest)


Aisha Mahama-Rodríguez is an Afro-Latine raised in Dallas, Texas. Aisha is passionate about food and environmental justice, prison decarceration and abolition, and how these matters interact with reproductive justice as a whole. A recent graduate from The University of Texas at Austin with Bachelors in English and Government, she has worked with the Texas Civil Rights Project, the Texas House of Representatives, the ACLU of Colorado, and the U.S. House of Representatives. As a Collective Rising intern in year, she worked with the Reproductive Rights portion of the ACLU of Colorado and conducted research on reproductive healthcare access for people in the Colorado carceral system as well as led reproductive rights webinars.


Aisha’s Collective Rising Fellowship will focus on building relationships and supporting reproductive justice needs within the Southwest region.

Pronouns: she/they