Collective People Power

Akira Céspedes Gilheany

Organizational Affiliation

Collective Power for Reproductive Justice


Board Member


Akira is an attorney with Zelle LLP in Minneapolis, Minnesota, practicing mainly insurance and commercial litigation. Outside of her legal practice, she advocates for community-building, education, and inclusion initiatives throughout the Twin Cities.

Prior to moving to Minnesota to complete her law degree and Master of Arts in Bioethics program, she collaborated with national and local nonprofit organizations in Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Louisiana, and Puerto Rico—her home island—to promote individuals’ rights to health, education, and social justice and resources. She first worked with Collective Power for Reproductive Justice while a student at Hampshire College. As a Collective Power program assistant, she organized and helped build workshops, student group programming, and the Collective Power conference for several years. After moving from Massachusetts, she continued collaborating with Collective Power in various capacities. Akira is now thrilled to continue supporting activists across the nation as a board member for Collective Power.