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All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center

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Bloomington, IN


At All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center (PRC), we trust and support people through every pregnancy and parenting turning point, including abortion, adoption, infertility, and pregnancy loss. These issues are complex and every person’s reality is different, but we know one thing for certain: everyone deserves to have all options!

All-Options PRC is a secular, client-centered organization where everyone is welcome. Whether you need support for an unplanned pregnancy, miscarriage, infertility, abortion, adoption, or parenting, All-Options PRC is here for all Hoosiers! Visit us for in-person peer counseling, pregnancy tests, abortion funding, diaper supplies, and more! Our all-options approach is honest, open-hearted, and judgment-free. We’re here to support people wherever they are at in their pregnancy and parenting journey.

All-Options PRC is the first and only pregnancy resource center of its kind anywhere in the country and is a program of All-Options (formerly Backline), a national nonprofit organization that has been providing unconditional support and promoting reproductive justice since 2004.