Collective People Power

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Amanda Dennis

Organizational Affiliation

Collective Power for Reproductive Justice


Founding Board Member


I joined the board in 2017, but Collective Power for Reproductive Justice became a part of my life 15 years prior. While I attended Hampshire College, I participated in the student group and served as a Collective Rising Intern. After obtaining a Master’s in Bioethics and a Doctorate in public health, I became a Collective Rising Intern supervisor, presented at the annual conference, and participated in the Emerging Leaders Network. I am currently the Executive Director of the Society of Family Planning, and see research as a tool that can be used to support reproductive justice. I credit Collective Power with challenging me, inspiring me, and laying the foundation for my professional life. I hope to use my time on the advisory board to help sustain and broaden Collective Power’s reach, so that others’ lives can be transformed by Collective Power. A Georgia native, I currently call Colorado home.