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American Society for Emergency Contraception

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Lawrenceville, NJ


The American Society for Emergency Contraception works to advance access to and information about emergency contraception in the United States. We carry out this mission by facilitating collaboration among partner organizations, co-hosting the only dedicated annual meeting in the US focused on EC, disseminating news, research, and innovative service delivery concepts, and providing technical insight and expert review to attorneys fighting for reproductive justice, researchers at many institutions worldwide, and journalists writing about EC.

Our campus activism project, Emergency Contraception for Every Campus (EC4EC), works with student activists on campuses across the United States to expand access to EC. Our primary strategies are advocating for a vending machine on campus that offers EC and direct peer-to-peer distribution of EC. EC4EC centers the expertise of students, who know best what strategy will work best on their campus. We have a diverse Student Advisory Committee and we have a special focus on campuses on which access to reproductive health services may be limited, including Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Catholic colleges.