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Black Mamas Matter Alliance

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Atlanta, GA


Black Mamas Matter Alliance (BMMA) is a Black women-led cross-sectoral alliance. We center Black mamas to advocate, drive research, build power, and shift culture for Black maternal health, rights, and justice. We envision a world where Black mamas have the rights, respect, and resources to thrive before, during, and after pregnancy.

Our work is grounded in the human rights, reproductive justice, and birth justice frameworks, and incorporates respectful maternity care tenets. The Black Mamas Matter Alliance serves as a national voice and coordinating entity for stakeholders advancing maternal health, rights, and justice. BMMA provides technical assistance, trainings, and capacity building for grassroots organizations, maternity care service providers, academia, policy, and the public health industry. We foster connections and collaborations between mainstream entities and Black women-led initiatives. We intentionally center Black women’s leadership. The Black Mamas Matter Alliance helps to increase the visibility of Black women leaders; cultivate a deep bench of Black women leaders recognized for their expertise, contribution, and work; and support more effective collaboration of stakeholders working to advance Black maternal health.