Collective People Power

Courtney Hooks

Organizational Affiliation

Collective Power for Reproductive Justice


Board Member


Courtney Hooks is an Atlanta-based black, queer certified nurse midwife and reproductive health nurse practitioner dedicated to the care of underserved and historically looted communities. Before becoming a midwife, Courtney served as a full spectrum doula, reproductive justice advocate, and community organizer. In collaboration with people inside of California’s women’s prisons, she led Justice Now’s Let Our Families Have a Future campaign, which focused on ending prison expansion, sterilization abuse, and reproductive oppression against imprisoned individuals. Courtney has supported folks in the sex trade, helped start a syringe exchange program, and co-organized holistic community health clinics. Courtney is a former student co-organizer of the annual Collective Power conference and Collective Rising Intern. She loves Steven Universe, squealing at plants, and memes, generally.