Collective People Power

Eli Plenk

Organizational Affiliation

Collective Power for Reproductive Justice


Board Treasurer


I am a teacher, organizer, and writer whose career has focused on marginalized youth, particularly those in the juvenile justice system. I’m currently the operations coordinator at the Philadelphia Bail Fund, which works to keep families and communities together and vigorously advocates to end cash bail in Philadelphia. I spent several years at Our Restorative Justice, where I developed restorative justice programs designed to coalesce community-based supports around system-involved youth and their families. Over the years I’ve also taught incarcerated students, worked with college faculty to decolonize their curricula, and developed several oral history projects. I serve as an editor at Protocols, and my writing has appeared in a number of publications, including the Harvard Journal of African American Public Policy and the Jewish Daily Forward. My approach to reproductive justice is shaped by my lifelong encounter with radical feminism, as well as the violence I’ve witnessed working in the criminal legal system. As the child of a socialist feminist, I’ve known since day one that I stand on the shoulders of my mother and countless other women and femmes. And, I understand reproductive justice within a prison abolitionist framework. I am committed to Collective Power for Reproductive Justice because they have always put forward an intersectional and inclusive vision of reproductive justice; one which moves far beyond simply reacting to present conditions towards the creation of a fundamentally new world.  Beyond prison abolition and reproductive justice, I live for 90’s pop, bright colors, and weird maps. Boston-based for many years, I recently moved to Philadelphia, where I’m trying to eat as many different kinds of soup as humanly possible.