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Intersex Justice Project

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The Intersex Justice Project (IJP) seeks the end of medically invasive and unnecessary surgeries in the United States that target intersex children and adolescents by empowering intersex people of color to advance that change. IJP is dedicated to the inalienable rights of intersex people of color in the United States, however we are committed to forming alliances and coalitions with other intersex people of color both nationally and globally.

Our goals include:

  1. Working with other intersex organizations in the United States and globally who are committed to ending intersex genital surgeries.
  2. Educating the people about intersex human rights violations via empowering intersex people of color as leaders in this movement.
  3. Clearly articulating our demands, in coalition with other groups, to protect the bodily sovereignty of intersex children and young adults.
  4. Targeting hospitals that are performing these surgeries through direct action organizing with intersex groups and allies.
  5. Developing media that is aligned with our interest as intersex people of color that represents our voices, our passions and our goals.