Collective People Power

Miami Workers Center

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Miami, FL


The Miami Workers Center (MWC) is a strategy and action center whose purpose is to build the power and self-determination of South Florida’s most oppressed communities. We employ an intersectional approach linking gender, race, and socio-economic status, understanding that the contributions and needs of women, girls, and femmes must be the basis for a social justice agenda.

We approach all of our work through the Femme Agenda, a long-term plan to combat the feminization of poverty. Our scope of work includes: building the power of Black and Brown domestic workers, a member-led fight for truly affordable housing, participation in coalition work fighting for healthcare for all, and a fight for comprehensive sex education in Miami-Dade County Schools. Through this work, we have gained numerous community partners, compensation for domestic workers that have been exploited because of their immigration status, “Ban the Box” for more fair access to public housing, Miami-Dade County proclamation declaring June 7 as Domestic Workers Day of Recognition, almost 1,000 folks mobilized for the Florida March for Black Women, and so much more!