Collective People Power

Person soft smiling in front of a blurred beige wall. They are wearing a black tank top and necklace with a silver butterfly on it. They have their curly black hair in a high ponytail and are not showing their teeth.

Oghenemarho Avworo

Year Participated


Organizational Affiliation

Reproductive Health Access Project


Houston Baptist University

Academic Cconcentration

Medical Humanities


Houston, TX


Oghenemarho Avworo grew up in Nigeria and later moved to Houston, Texas. At Houston Baptist University, Marho is a Medical Humanities major with a concentration on pre-medicine. She is currently a peer mentor, an advocate for the underserved communities and has worked as a certified pharmacy technician since her senior year of high school with Walgreens. Marco is active in her community and does not miss the chance to volunteer in the church. During the pandemic, she created a Bible study to reach those who needed someone to talk to through social media.