Collective People Power

Person smiling in front of a dark blurred background. They have light brown wavy hair and are wearing stud earrings and pink lipstick and eyeshadow.

Tegan Wright

Year Participated


Organizational Affiliation

Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity (URGE)


Nazareth College of Rochester

Academic Cconcentration

Sociology with a minor in Business Leadership


Rochester, NY


My name is Tegan Wright and I am a third-year sociology major at Nazareth College of Rochester. I am also a mixed Onöndowa’ga:’ and settler woman. My social justice concentration include women’s rights, Tribal rights, and environmental racism. At my college, I have been the president of the Women and Gender Studies Student Association for over a year and have led the Organization to prioritize and focus on issues pertaining to Indigenous women.