Collective People Power

Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity (URGE)

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URGE is a multi-racial, multi-ethnic organization that centers the experiences of young people of color in the fight for racial justice and immigrant justice. We are a multi-sexuality organization that centers the experience of young LGBQ+ folks in the fight for sexual liberation. And we are a multi-gender organization that centers the experiences of young women and young transgender/non-binary folks in the fight for gender justice. We organize for change (primarily) within the existing system of democracy in the U.S., and to that end, we seek to protect and expand voting rights and civic participation for our constituency and broader communities.

URGE envisions a liberated world where we can live with justice, love freely, express our gender and sexuality, and define and create families of our choosing.

To achieve our vision of liberation, URGE builds power and sustains a young people’s movement for reproductive justice by centering the leadership of young people of color who are women, queer, trans, nonbinary, and people of low-income.

As a state-driven national organization, URGE organizes our communities, provides a political home for young people, advocates for meaningful policy change, and shifts culture, working in states where the challenges and opportunities are greatest.