We are thrilled to share that Collective Power for Reproductive Justice has received an award through philanthropist MacKenzie Scott’s recent Yield Giving Open Call, aimed at resourcing community-led, community-focused organizations working with people and in places experiencing the greatest need in the United States.

Out of 6,353 applicants, we were one of 361 organizations recognized in this round. The unrestricted $1 million gift comes at a critical moment, allowing us to continue to expand nationally and build a growing body of leaders to propel our movements forward.

“This gift will sustain our audacious, bold work fighting outrageous restrictions on bodily autonomy.”

 — Mia Kim Sullivan, Executive Director

Coming through the peer-review process makes this award especially significant for us, underscoring the strategic value of holding radical space, and the impact of our thousands of program alumni.

We’re so grateful for this recognition of the power of our work, over more than four decades of teaching and organizing, and our ongoing commitment to our collective liberation.

For more than 40 years, Collective Power has educated and empowered diverse new leadership, supporting intergenerational and cross-movement organizing for reproductive, racial, and economic justice. We’re thrilled to be recognized alongside many of our long-standing partner organizations who’ve been speakers, trainers, and host sites for our summer internships, helping us center the wisdom and expertise of our communities and the narratives and histories that are not being told, including Alaska Community Action on ToxicsInstitute of Women and Ethnic StudiesSakhi, and Taller Salud

Join us next month at our annual conference to celebrate this new gift, and our collective power! Together we are building power for us, for our families, and for our communities. We believe in us – and that we can achieve reproductive justice for all. 

about collective power

A unique movement-building organization, Collective Power for Reproductive Justice runs national programs that prepare young folks to work on the front lines of today’s struggle for reproductive justice.  

Collective Power uses the reproductive justice framework, recognizing the deep intersectional ties between racial justice, gender justice, and economic justice–and the ways those impact people’s choice and access when building their family. 

Collective Power’s mission is to inspire, educate, and support new activists and leadership to create a world in which reproductive, racial, & economic justice are embedded in our collective liberation.

The organization has a three-pronged approach that provides leadership development for young activists, supports grassroots reproductive justice organizations doing work in their own communities, and builds the overarching movement for reproductive justice. 

Through summer internships, an annual activist conference, and our leadership networking group, Collective Power has trained and inspired more than 20,000 people and supported more than 500 organizations.   These programs prioritize folks who have experienced barriers to reproductive justice in their own lives. Each year we launch 1,000 new activists who will become tomorrow’s leaders.

Collective Power educates, trains, and supports new generations of activists and leaders:  we are pouring resources into young people, people of color and others who face barriers to access.   

These fierce young folks know the struggle, and they know the power of community organizing. Collective Power ensures they have the skills and the opportunities to create change.  They will be at the forefront of a movement that reaches beyond Roe–bringing true access to abortion, contraception, bodily autonomy and all things liberation.