Challenging Population Control

A leader in the feminist resistance to population control and “overpopulation” politics

Challenging Population Control envisions a world where reproductive, environmental, and climate justice is liberated from “overpopulation” politics and eugenics thinking.

We monitor and resist current instances of population control. At the same time, we support comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services that de-center fertility reduction as the primary goal and champion contraceptive safety alongside access.

We promote the free movement of people, across borders and boundaries, and fight xenophobia, militarism, fascism and white supremacy by challenging “overpopulation” narratives that paint migrants, incarcerated people and people living in poverty as excess, dangerous groups.

We champion environmental and climate justice through recognizing the complex causes of environmental problems and debunking overpopulation myths that maintain that population is the primary reason for environmental degradation.

Challenging Population Control actively…

Exposes how population control and eugenics  legacies undermine reproductive and environmental justice today.

Serves as a hub for progressive critiques and collective resistance.

Connects US-based activism with international social justice struggles.

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Read Wild, White West: Racism and Eco-Fascism in U.S. Environmental Politics to learn more about the importance of challenging population control ideology, written by Challenging Population Control Associate, Chandani Nash, and Anne Hendrixson, Senior Policy Analyst

Join Anne Hendrixson, Senior Policy Analyst, Challenging Population Control for a talk on climate change and population on March 17 – more information here.

Addressing the damaging legacies of violence and exclusion in environmentalism will contribute to a more inclusive, justice-oriented environmentalism and environmental politics.
—Chandani Nash, Challenging Population Control Associate, and Anne Hendrixson, Senior Policy Analyst