Collective People Power

Person smirking in a grassy/foresty yard. They have auburn braided hair with bangs and colorful beads. They are wearing red eyeliner and a black tank top.


Year Participated


Organizational Affiliation

SPARK Reproductive Justice Now


Amherst College

Academic Cconcentration

Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies


Bronx, NYC, NY


Asa is a fat black femme who loves to garden, paint their nails, and think about love. They spend most of their time daydreaming about what reproductive freedom might feel like in the body, while archiving letters and knick knacks they create or receive from their chosen family. They believe in the power and potential of community reproductive archives to transform how we all relate to time, space and each other, and are hoping to learn more about the archival process of SPARK RJ this summer!