Collective People Power

Person smiling with straight black hair in a bun, a nose piercing and turquoise patterned scarf. They are holding a finger gun sign up in a light-hearted matter.

Namrata Jacob

Organizational Affiliation

Collective Power for Reproductive Justice


Board Member


Namrata Jacob is a social justice educator through an intersectional feminist lens. She first became involved with Collective Power for Reproductive Justice as a student intern, where she was introduced to the reproductive justice framework and fostered as a young movement leader through Collective Power’s programs. Namrata has facilitated trainings and workshops, spoken at conferences, and collaborated on educational materials covering issues from supporting marginalized students within higher education, to Reproductive Justice 101, at both a community and national level. She is committed to continuing the important work of uplifting a next generation of reproductive justice movement and thought leaders through making education, resources, and opportunities accessible across barriers. Namrata holds a B.A. from Hampshire College, where she completed a year-long thesis on the interplay of race, gender, and abortion restrictions, as well as a certification from the Five College Consortium in Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice.