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Southern Birth Justice Network

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Miami, FL


The Southern Birth Justice Network (SBJN) provides free and low cost doula services as well as run two community programs called Circle of Mamas and Young Mamas Leadership Institute which provides young parents with advocacy, different career pathways in social justice, community lobbying and organizing skills as well as political education. Also, SBJN is currently working on a Birth Justice Bill of Rights that is a Know-Your-Rights and Advocacy tool as well as the Birth: By Us For Us Project, which is a project to create pregnancy, birth and lactation education materials for our community which is Black and Brown and Queer and Trans and Disabled. This project believes that inclusion requires intentionality. SBJN also provides an annual Birth Justice Doula Training on an affordable sliding scale.

Midwifery care is holistic, healing, and humanistic. It has a rich herstory and legacy in communities of color. Our vision is to make this care accessible to all peoples- especially Black, Brown, youth, immigrant, indigenous, LGBTQ+, low-income and other marginalized communities. Our mission is to expand Birth Justice by using story telling, popular education, and community organizing to improve access to midwifery and doula care.