Collective Power Conference

The Collective Power Conference is a high energy, national reproductive justice event. An activist launching pad. Leadership training weekend. Movement building, networking and strategy forum. For more than 30 years, our conference has gathered diverse ideas, perspectives, & leaders.

Save the date: Collective Power 2024 takes place April 12-13, 2024 in Amherst, MA

In the three+ decades since it began, the Collective Power (formerly CLPP) conference has grown steadily in numbers of participants, scope of issues covered, and geographic reach, drawing activists from campus and community groups across the country. Focusing on important issues around youth, low-income communities, and communities of color, our conference highlights the interconnections between reproductive freedom and a broad range of social justice issues.


Join us:  Collective Power for Reproductive Justice invites you to participate in our annual conference, Collective Power 2023, on April 15 at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Saturday will feature two plenaries and 20+ workshops options, as well as lunch and space for folx to gather and connect.

Collective Power 2023

Collective Power 2023 will challenge and resist the rising fascism and white supremacy we are experiencing. The Far Right is attempting to narrow our civil liberties in the US: abortion restrictions, heightened barriers to trans health, book bans in schools and libraries, voter suppression, sterilization abuse of immigrants at the ICE detention center, and new laws criminalizing protest. These restraints are coupled with increased policing, surveillance, and violence.

We recognize that anti-trans, anti-abortion, anti-immigrant, anti-critical race theory attacks of the Far Right are interconnected. Worse, they harm those most vulnerable to systemic oppression: immigrants, BIPOC, trans, queer communities, abortion providers, and pregnant people. Together, they reveal an all-out attack on bodily autonomy, democracy, and rights. 

Collective Power 2023 will revisit themes and strategy recommendations from our April 9, 2022 convening with an expanded group, centering those most impacted and new and emerging leaders in the reproductive justice movement. For a fuller understanding of our politics please review our report here: Reproductive Justice Confronts Fascism. We have shared it widely and encourage individuals from other movements to read and share it with their communities. 

Together we must strengthen our solidarities and uncover pathways to collective resistance. We trust that those most impacted by these injustices can illuminate pathways of resistance.


Registration is open now. Check out our community norms, accessibility information, COVID precautions and more here.


Check out the web version of our 2023 conference program with room numbers here (password protected).